Countdown to the Start of the 2023 Summit:


SPEAKER EXPERIENCE: I believe that Lean professionals need to stay up on the latest advancements and services, which is why I am looking for speakers like yourself for this year’s summit. Speakers are selected by invite only. They are chosen because of their experience, thought leadership, and willingness to contribute to the Lean community. This year’s summit theme is:

Strengthening My Continuous Improvement Abilities

​We will offer two learning tracks this year, and for the first time ever we will be hosting a LIVE event in Gig Harbor in addition to our annual virtual Lean Summit. ​The beginner/intermediate track will focus on:

Facilitating an Improvement Culture

The Daily themes for this ​track are:

DAY 1: ​Foundational Lean Principles

DAY 2: ​Facilitating ​Improvement

DAY 3: ​Facilitating ​Change

​And the ​intermediate/advance track will focus on:

​Leading an Improvement Culture

The Daily themes for this ​track are:

DAY 1: ​Developing People

DAY 2: ​Developing Leadership

DAY 3: Developing the Organization

This event will bring together the some of the best Lean and business experts in the world, like yourself, to reveal to our audience what the top companies and consultants are doing to ​strengthen their skills and build a Lean culture. To see our ​130+ past speakers click here. Join us as a Speaker in this year’s Summit to share your solutions, insights, and experience with other Lean professionals and business leaders.

​For the past 3 years I have made the Virtual Lean Summit ​FREE to attend as a means of giving back to the Lean community that has helped me in my career.  Because it is free to attend, we have a diverse and engaged audience, but it also means that we are not able to pay speakers for their participation.  If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a speaker or perhaps you are interested in also becoming a Sponsor, please click the button below and I can answer any of your questions.  Please explore the rest of this page to learn more about the summit, our audience, and being a speaker.


Join us as a Speaker to share your knowledge and expertise and that of organization you work for, with other business professionals from around the world. Share your insights on how to Achieve a Continuous Improvement Transformation. Set up an introductory meeting TODAY!

our 2021 & 2022 Results Made this event, a best-in-Class Success Story

These are just some of the numbers from our 2021 and 2022 summits​:

2021 Speakers:   61 Speakers from 22 Countries

202​2 Speakers:   6​5 Speakers from ​19 Countries

All of our speakers shared practical solutions to help our attendees to be able to take action immediately. From CEOs to a Harvard professor, from employees to consultants, we had a very diverse group of experienced speakers from every continent on Earth (except Antarctica) sharing their best tips and advice with our attendees. For many, this was their first time speaking at a conference, and most of those have since been invited to speak at other business conferences. For a complete list of past speakers go here

2021 Attendees:   1,515

202​2 Attendees:   ​3,​362

With 5 weeks of only social media marketing on LinkedIn, and no money spent on ad spend, we generated just over ​3,300 people signing up to attend our Free Virtual Lean Summit.  This year we ​will triple the time we advertise to increase our audience size to a goal of 5,000 virtual attendees and 150​ LIVE attendees.

Attendees were from:   ​92 Countries

We had a very diverse and engaged audience that participated throughout the world.  It was a very engaged group, many of whom attended almost every session.  The engagement on the sessions chats, on the Q&A section, and in our meet & greet sessions really helped to make this virtual audience seem like it was an in-person event.  Which is why we are excited for our first LIVE session.

…Just to name a few.

our speakers contribute  To the Lean CommunityBy Sharing Stories, Experiences, andTools that Inspire Others to take Action 

I am interested in continuously improving the experience​. Here are a few of the things that we ​have done to make this an amazing event:

  • Daily Keynote Sessions
  • Workshops
  • Virtual Gemba Walks
  • Daily Forum Round-table Sessions
  • A ​Lean Debate Session
  • Enhanced Meet & Greet Sessions with the Attendees from Around the World
  • A Exclusive Speaker Launch Party (Meet the other speakers and sponsors)
  • A Summit Kick-off Party
  • And more…

The Summit is June 6th -​ 8th, and this year ​all of the speakers ​in the LIVE event in Gig Harbor will be speaking live​. However the majority of our virtual speaker sessions will be pre-recorded in front of a live audience.  ​

​This year’s Summit is going to be the best one yet.  Set up a Zoom call with me to discuss more about my vision for this summit, and where you can add the most value.  I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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Still want to Know More?Find Out What Some of Our Fantastic Audience Thought About Our Second Event, the 2021 Virtual Lean Summit.

profile-picMike DenisonFounder Lean Mentor International – UK

So Many Thought Leaders

You have made this a hugely successful summit Jared, coordinating so much value from so many thought leaders and we still have 3 days to go including today. Thanks for the opportunity to contribute in my own small way.

profile-picDiem NguyenSr. Production Engineer – Vietnam

Best Summit Ever

I had attended some summits :), and this is one of the best summit ever ???? I learned a lot from passionate experts at today session. Thank you.

profile-picAusteja StankunaiteSenior Advisor – Lithuania

Classy Speakers and Valuable Content

This summit is one of the greatest I attended as well. Besides classy speakers and valuable content, I also very much appreciate participants’ being active in chat and sharing own experiences, readings, etc. Thank You so much for this summit! For people who want to “grow” it is more than incredible. And biggest THANKS goes to Jared Thatcher for making this to be true!

profile-picAri VäisänenLean Transformation Leader – Finland

Like a Face to Face Conference with a Twist

Absolutely fantastic set-up of presenters and great knowledge sharing going on ? ? Live virtual sessions including all the “normal life & mysteries” on the background makes it like f2f conferences with a twist ?!

profile-picAmy FloresContinuous Improvement Manager – USA

Thank You For Inspiring Me

I attended your virtual lean conference and – WOW! – that was a great week spending time with great minds in my field. Well Done! Thank you for inspiring me.

profile-picOlga ZhuravelProcess & Operational Excellence – USA

The Most Useful & Enjoyable Conference of 2021

Over the course of the last several months I attended (virtually) several operational and process excellence events organized by big corporations and small firms. VLS organized by Jared definitely stood out among them. The speakers were carefully selected and represented a wide variety of industries, geographies, cultures and opinions. The agenda was packed, the content was superb and there was something for everyone. I came with very modest expectations, but this event was the most useful and enjoyable conference of 2021. Thanks, Jared! Enjoying my All Access pass and looking forward to the 2022 edition.

profile-picLaura ChangTransformation Program Director – USA

BEST Session Ever!!

This was one of the BEST sessions ever!! Even my parents were very engaged. I had a hard time getting them to Zoom when the pandemic broke out, but a fun and educational session like this was something we could all use and enjoy. Thanks for sharing and teaching!

profile-picLee RubinKey Note Speaker – USA

This Event is Phenomenal & I had a Blast

This event is phenomenal, and I had a blast with your international audience during my session!

profile-picMatthew TaylorSenior Operations Director – UK

Just Epical!

The VLS is (as my daughter would call it) just epical!

Thank you for spending what must have been days and days organising it and convincing the speakers to give up their time as well as yours. And for you to throw it open as a free event is remarkable. I for one am hugely grateful to you for organising it – and we are only halfway through!

profile-picAbu Jiad Md. Abdul KadirSr Textile Industrial Engineer – Bangladesh

An Amazing Program

Thanks Jared Thatcher for this amazing program. I wish I could join from day 1. However, I feel lucky that I got to attend at least the last day sessions. Great job! Looking forward to more.

profile-picSteve MartinSenior Process Engineer – USA

Awesome Summit!

Dude! – awesome summit! Can only imagine the work involved…all I can say is “Well Done”. Super impressed with the value you have brought regarding the summit…amazing!

profile-picDavid VayroProcess Improvement Facilitator – Australia

I Could’ve Listened for Many Hours More

So many wonderful stories, I could’ve listened for many hours more.


Jared [email protected]

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