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DAY 5: Creating Sustainability


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DAY 5 - Kata Coaching, Leadership Coaching, & TWI

Samer Hamadeh

Anastasia Sayegh

LIVE SESSION: Friday, July 23rd, @ 7:00 AM PST

Breakout Session - Learning Culture Mirror

Session Summary

The results of the learning culture assessment will be presented and attendees will be asked to go to breakout groups and discuss the results. A few groups could present their insight and feedback.

Speaker Bio

Samer is a partner at Institute for Learning Organizations in Norway, focusing on helping organisations develop strong learning and continuous improvement culture through training and mentorship. With 20 years in the automotive sector, Samer has had hands-on experience of Toyota Way working regularly with Japanese managers at Toyota Motor Company and associated companies. As business development, technology, and innovation became the focus of the later part of his working life, he advised senior executives of very large organisations in this area. He was a founding-board member of the Industry Advisory Board at King Abdullah University for Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia, served eight years on the board. Samer is based in Nottingham, UK.

Drasko Zivkovic

LIVE SESSION: Friday, July 23rd, @ 8:00 AM PST

Rethinking Consultancy - Lean Meets Digital

Session Summary

How is digitalization and lean collaborating. What are the pitfalls and what are the advantages

Speaker Bio

Lean Consultant and Coach

Jamie V. Parker

LIVE SESSION: Friday, July 23rd, @ 9:00 AM PST

Transition from DOING Problem Solving to COACHING Problem Solving

Session Summary

As a manager or practitioner, you’ve developed solid problem-solving skills. Yet organizationally, problem solving tends to be isolated to certain people, roles, departments, or events. You still don’t have an “everybody, everywhere, everyday” improvement culture. To build an improvement culture, you have to move from doing problem solving to coaching problem solving. The thing is, these are two distinctly different skills. In this session, learn key steps that help you transition from being the primary problem solver to coaching a team of problem solvers. / In this session, you will: * Get crystal clear on the purpose of coaching, and how it differs from what we typically do * Experience the biggest shift you can make to adjust and improve your coaching conversations * Uncover the anatomy of a good coaching question so you can improve your existing systems like Gemba walks, daily meetings, and kaizen events

Speaker Bio

Jamie V. Parker is the founder of Process + Results, which provides people leadership development for lean-practicing organizations. With 17 years of multi-unit operations management experience, Jamie specializes in helping operations managers build engaged & adaptable teams, integrate improvement into their culture, and overcome their most pressing challenges. You can hear insights from Jamie on her podcast, Lean Leadership for Ops Managers

Adam Lawrence

LIVE SESSION: Friday, July 23rd, @ 10:00 AM PST

The Wheel of Sustainability: Engaging and Empowering Teams to Produce Lasting Results

Session Summary

Nothing can stop people when they’re engaged and empowered to use their creativity and work on things that are important to them. When teams solve critical business problems and achieve breakthrough results, they express joy and relief. It’s contagious. Imagine what it would be like to keep those problems from returning. The Wheel of Sustainability is a proven system to do just that.This high energy session will inspire the audience to build the Leadership Commitment to engage and empower teams, sustain their solutions, and create a winning experience.

Speaker Bio

Adam Lawrence is the Managing Partner of Process Improvement Partners, LLC. He has 30+ years of experience in process improvement activities, targeted at manufacturing and business processes. Having facilitated 300+ Kaizen events in multiple industries around the world, Adam aligns with leadership, engages teams, and creates sustainable results. Adam has mastered the use of many different process improvement methodologies, allowing him to implement the best strategy for each organization’s goals and objectives. He develops sessions that are fun, engaging, and laser-focused. He is 100 percent committed to ensuring the team has a winning result and a fantastic experience. Married to his wonderful wife, Peggy, for 30 years, they have one son (Tyler, his IT department). Adam grew up in the Washington, DC area and received his BS in Industrial Engineering from Virginia Tech. He earned Lean certifications from the University of Michigan. He enjoys time with family and friends, loud music, traveling, the many great clients, and has many business adventures. “The Wheel of Sustainability” is his first book.

Dennis Gawlik

LIVE SESSION: Friday, July 23rd, @ 11:00 AM PST

Executive Coaching: Some Differences In Approach

Session Summary

Executive coaching is growing rapidly as traditional forms of organizations have given way to more flexible and nimble operations. Organiztions – public, private and government, are turning to executive coaches to help them navigate in the new, technology-based business environment. Topics to be convered include: the primary differences with ‘standard’ coaching, the need for integration of executive coaching into a company’s strategy, an executive coaching mindset tool, a discussion about situational leadership, and how to begin to measure the impact of coaching

Speaker Bio

I was introduced to lean through being a partner to Toyota 30+ years ago. Toyota was establishing their first US location in KY after NUMMI and I was part of a logistics/transportation group that assisted Toyota in moving assemblies and parts from Japan to their new US location for car manufacturing until they became established. My goal in coaching is to always support others in the development of their mindsets and behaviors around a common purpose. The approach I favor involves exploring the means versus ends. Over the years, I have coached and flourished personally and professionally in diverse organizations such as hospitals, universities, and dotcoms; or transportation, finance, insurance and communication firms in a coaching, lean, procurement and supply management capacity where I contributed and coached as an individual, a leader or the head of a department. I enjoy teaching graduate and undergraduates in sustainable supply chain management. I live on beautiful Bainbridge Island.

Gwendolyn Galsworth

LIVE SESSION: Friday, July 23rd, @ 2:00 PM PST

Visual Problem Solving: Many Minds / Many Solutions

Session Summary

Solving chronic, complex, costly problems demands two core elements: many minds/many ideas and a highly visual interface. Join Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth, leading visuality expert, as she shares highpoints of the powerful Visual Problem Solving (VPS) method she uses with her clients all over the world. See how VPS uses the visuality to (among many other things) break down attitudinal and communication barriers between departments/functions so that the facts can be found, secrets uncovered, and improvements maximized. VPS builds a team-based culture--even as it is building permanent sustainable solutions. 

Speaker Bio

Dr. Galsworth is president and founder of Visual Thinking Inc and The Visual-Lean® Institute. For more than 30 years, Gwendolyn has created and implemented a wide array of visual workplace technologies, in companies all over the world—codifying them into a distinctly new paradigm of knowledge and know-how: a new operational strategy for operational excellence. Authors of seven books (two of which won the prestigious Shingo Prize), she is a hands-on practitioner and thought leader in the field. Her website offers lots of free learning (articles, podcasts, videos) and lots of remarkable onsite and online products and services. Today she shares her insights, concepts, and many examples about visual management—what it is/and is not. And by the way, Gwendolyn is an avid hiker and lover of waterfalls. She also roller blades, boxes, and loves ballroom dancing.


LIVE SESSION: July 23rd, Friday, @ 3:00 PM PST


D.J. Kim

LIVE SESSION: Friday, July 23, @ 4:00 PM PST

My Reflection on My Lean Journey and Next Steps (Featuring LinkedIn)

Session Summary

My Lean journey staring from Lean manufacturing to Lean management. And how LinkedIn helped me fulfill my dream. 

Speaker Bio

20 years in Lean transformation

Day 5 Retrospective

LIVE SESSION: July 23rd, Saturday, @ 8:00 PM PST

Get a Summary of All Day 5's Sessions and Share Learnings and Ask Questions

Tracey Richardson


The "Thinking and Doing" Behind Toyota's Culture of People Development

Session Summary

The Toyota Engagement Equation (GTS6+E6=DNA) is the tangible actions behind the culture of developing, engaging, and empowering people to make a difference in their daily work by connecting their processes outcomes to the Company’s true north! Standardization, Visualization and Communication are key components in measuring “how do you know?” you have improved.

Speaker Bio

Tracey has 33 years experience with Toyota Thinking in both Production and Human resources. A Coach, Influencer and sharer of wisdom developing Executives to Process owners in any industry to move the needle on critical KPI’s and alignment to true north goals. Be sure to follow her hashtag on LinkedIn, #SketchedWisdom

Paul Dunlop


The Wonders of Leader Standard Work

Session Summary

The success of any Lean program is predicated on the ability of leaders to lead in the right way. In order to achieve this, leaders at all levels of the organization must be focused on the right things at the right time and have a consistent and structured approach to their daily activity. Leader standard work forms the basis of developing the habits and routines that enable people to stay in their lanes and optimize their time and focus.

Speaker Bio

Paul is a lean management consultant who has been running his consulting business for over four years. Pauls passion is to provide purpose and meaning for people in their daily work and to create high performing sustainable environments. Paul’s business pillars are based on People, Process, Profit and Play and are actualised through consulting, training, coaching and lego serious play – among other things. Paul remains a humble learner in all facets of life and thrives on the principles of continuous improvement

Jenn Tankanow


The Power of the Skills Matrix for Engaging Teams

Session Summary

We know we want to have the right person, and the right time, at the right place. And we want to have an engaged workforce with the right tools, the ideal skill set that is ready to run and adjust at a moment’s notice. However, marrying up roles, responsibilities, expectations, skills, and what great looks like is no easy feat for businesses pushing forward and do not want to slow down to define processes and adequately train employees. Join Jenn Tankanow as she shares how she approaches this problem with all sizes of companies, including start-ups, small, medium, and large-sized businesses. You’ll leave with a template that will help visualize the current state, collect information and data, and help you feel confident with your next training or hiring decisions.

Speaker Bio

Jenn Tankanow has built on her years at Toyota to bring her Lean sensibility to the business world. She’s a teacher, a leader, and a facilitator helping clients apply Strategic Planning, Change Management, Operational Excellence, Project Management, and Continuous Improvement. She partners with companies to solve problems, create strategic plans so they can hit their goals. She’s a veteran of personalized, repeatable solutions that stick, so companies take ownership of the change and maintain the improvement.

Alan Parsley


Challenges in Transitioning from 'Job Shop' to Production Operation

Session Summary

Candid panel discussion where company executives will talk about the process and difficulties experienced in transitioning their organization from a ‘Job Shop’ to a production operation using Toyota Production System philosophies, methodologies, and tools.

Speaker Bio

Alan learned Leadership and Toyota Production System (TPS) methodologies while at Toyota Motor Manufacturing. During those years, Alan was involved in the startup of the company’s first North American auto manufacturing operation in Georgetown, Ky. which employed over 8,000 Team Members and produced over 200,000 vehicles per year. Alan moved from manufacturing management at the plant to Human Resources and ultimately was assigned to lead HR initiatives for all North American facilities from the company’s manufacturing headquarters in Erlanger, Ky. During his time at Toyota, Alan benefitted from Toyota’s ‘multi-skilled’ approach to team member development and took on a wide range of roles including leadership roles in Manufacturing, Safety, Kaizen Team, Staffing, Recruiting, Employee Relations, Team Member Development, and Investigations. Alan continued his career at Saft America in Jacksonville Florida where he again served both human resource and operations functions for a greenfield startup of a $220 million Lithium Ion battery manufacturing facility. Alan progressed to the role of Director of Operations for the company where he implemented state of the art human resource and continuous improvement programs.Currently, Alan serves as President of Total Culture Solutions, a business culture transformation consulting firm. Alan frequently leads top leaders on executive development missions to the birthplace of lean in Toyota City, Japan. Alan has also taken a leadership role in the Jacksonville community where he has served as Vice Chairman of the Jacksonville Lean Consortium and on the Board of Directors of the First Coast Manufacturer’s Association, Executive Member of the Dean’s Leadership Council and as a Jax Chamber Trustee at the Leadership Level.

Sonia K. Singh


Leading High Performing Teams

Session Summary

Just as important as problem-solving is, being able to lead a high performing team, is just as important. In this session you will learn the elements of a healthy and successful team, Resolving team conflict, and Leadership styles in team management.

Speaker Bio

Sonia K. Singh is an internationally certified Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer, and Adjunct Professor at the University of San Francisco. For the past 2 decades, Sonia has trained and coached over 2000 emerging and experienced leaders in developing key leadership competencies. She previously served as an Executive Director of Business Transformation, Culture Leader, and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt at multiple healthcare and Fortune 100 companies

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