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DAY 2 - Design Thinking & Innovation Problem-Solving Tools

Erlin Kakkanad

LIVE SESSION: Tuesday, July 20th, @ 8:00 AM PST

Fostering a Culture of Creative Thinking in Problem-Solving

Session Summary

When leaders or teams come together to solve problems, the obvious solution or idea is often selected and people run with it. They don’t look for additional ideas…because ideation in itself is hard and not everyone is wired to dig deep for innovative ideas. In today’s fast-paced environment, very little focus is given to developing creative thinking skills. Critical thinking and creative thinking have been identified as the top 2 desired skills in the year 2021 and beyond. This session will cover the common barriers of creativity in the workplace, and how we can help our organizations, clients (and ourselves) improve our creative thinking skills.

Speaker Bio

Erlin is a successful Innovation, Lean and Six Sigma Leader and has led large global transformations efforts. Through creative thinking workshops and enabling teams to be innovative by reimagining the future, Erlin has ensured the project teams delivered top value to the Dollar invested.

JC Quintana

LIVE SESSION: Tuesday, July 20th, @ 9:00 AM PST

Design Thinking: Foundation for Lean Six Sigma

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Session Summary

This interactive presentation provides participants with foundational learning of design thinking methods and tools

Speaker Bio

JC Quintana is an internationally recognized business relationship psychology researcher, speaker, and author. He lectures as an adjunct professor of Customer Experience (CX) and Design Thinking at 23 major U.S. universities with a focus on the importance of aligning customer advocacy, employee engagement, and operational business success. His illustrious career includes senior executive roles over client, employee, and alliance partnership initiatives at DXC, HP, Sage, DHL and ADP. JC is the best-selling author of two books on customer relationship management (CRM) and business relationship psychology. He lives in Kennesaw, GA.

Gemma Jones

LIVE SESSION: Tuesday, July 20th, @ 10:00 AM PST

Yes You Can Draw!!! How to Improve Your Visual Process Mapping

Session Summary

This is a practical, hand-on workshop where you will get the chance to flex your Visual Thinking muscles. You will be guided through some fun exercises and learn easy, fast ways to incorporate simple visual concepts into your work. You will learn how to turn basic shapes into your own icons, people, emotions, titles, and other presentation staples so you can make your Process Mapping more fun, engaging and effective. Participants will need a marker pen (e.g.Sharpie/ flip chart marker/kids felt tip pen – i.e. not a ballpoint pen or pencil) - black is best, but really any dark colour will be fine. Also helpful to have a couple of other brightly coloured marker pens if possible

Speaker Bio

Gemma started her career in Engineering and quickly found a passion for Improvement. She spent 20 years in Manufacturing and R&D across numerous industries, then in 2018 she left employment to build her own business. Gemma’s mission is to help organisations be the best they can be, through a combination of Toyota Kata, Visual Facilitation, and Experiential Learning. Gemma is based in Cheshire in the UK.

Patrick Adams

LIVE SESSION: Tuesday, July 20th, @ 11:00 AM PST

Lean Product Development Events: Steps to Drive Innovation and Transformation in Your Business

Session Summary

During this session, Patrick will present event facilitation techniques for lean practitioners coaching a cross-functional team to develop an agreed upon lean product development process. Patrick will also present visual management (Obeya) examples to help teams view and manage new product launches. To include project team meeting agendas and executive leader catch-ball.

Speaker Bio

Patrick is an internationally recognized leadership coach, consultant, and professional speaker; best known for his unique human approach to sound team-building practices. He is also the author of the best selling book , “Avoiding the Continuous Appearance Trap.” He motivates, inspires, and drives the right results at all points in business processes.

Gwendolyn Galsworth

LIVE SESSION: Tuesday, July 20th, @ 12:00 PM PST

Facing Change! How to Align Strategy, Management and Engineering to Maximize Value Delivery

Session Summary

Do you mistakenly think visual management (VM) can turn your company into a visual workplace? Don’t worry. Join us and let Gwendolyn Galsworth, leading visuality expert, explain what VM really is—and what it is not. Learn for yourself why VM is an excellent way to display and monitor such things as KPIs, absenteeism, task and project progress, and machine downtime—and why it can do very little to help you improve them. Yes, VM is important to give you line of sight on your journey but is equipped to deliver only a sliver of what you need to build adherence, improve performance or become a fully-functional, visually competent enterprise.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Galsworth is president and founder of Visual Thinking Inc and The Visual-Lean® Institute. For more than 30 years, Gwendolyn has created and implemented a wide array of visual workplace technologies, in companies all over the world—codifying them into a distinctly new paradigm of knowledge and know-how: a new operational strategy for operational excellence. Authors of seven books (two of which won the prestigious Shingo Prize), she is a hands-on practitioner and thought leader in the field. Her website offers lots of free learning (articles, podcasts, videos) and lots of remarkable onsite and online products and services. Today she shares her insights, concepts, and many examples about visual management—what it is/and is not. And by the way, Gwendolyn is an avid hiker and lover of waterfalls. She also roller blades, boxes, and loves ballroom dancing.

Elisabeth Swan

LIVE SESSION: Tuesday, July 20th, @ 1:00 PM PST

How to Up Your Problem-Solving Skills with Improv Basics

Session Summary

Do you find yourself stymied in the moment? Have you been stuck in old thinking habits? Are you looking to foster better relationships during your Lean efforts? Improv is problem solving on stage. “Yes, and...” and other tenets of Improv can provide you with easy ways to engage your community. Improv is based on unconditional positive regard—respect for people. Join this 1-hour session on July 20th at 1pm PT and find out how simple improv basics can help you reduce fear, foster trust, and build a better Lean culture. And have some laughs in the process!

Speaker Bio

Bella Englebach

LIVE SESSION: Tuesday, July 20th, @ 2:00 PM PST

Thinking Divergently and Convergently: Building a Creative Rhythm into Your PDCA Cycle

Session Summary

Creative thinking and lean thinking: they go together, right? The question is how. In this session you will learn how to enhance your PDCA cycles with an infusion of creative thinking. We’ll consider the challenge of implementing visual management and use creative thinking and PDCA to think though a change management approach.

Speaker Bio

Bella Englebach, Lead Consultant at Lean for Humans, Inc, blends lean and creativity, helping organizations and individuals achieve innovative results in science-based environments. Before opening her own company in 2018, Bella was a process excellence leader at J&J, focusing on bringing continuous improvement and lean thinking to the pharmaceutical and medical device R&D sectors. A Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Facilitator, she was a member of the Board of Directors of the Lean Product and Process Development Exchange for six years. She is a Certified Professional Coach. The author of “Creatively Lean: How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Drive Innovation throughout Your Organization, Bella also hosts the podcast “The Edges of Lean.”


LIVE SESSION: Tuesday, July 20th, @ 3:00 PM PST


Simon Banks

LIVE KEYNOTE SESSION: Tuesday, July 20th, @ 4:00 - 5:30 PM PST

KEY NOTE - Design Doing: Identifying the Right Problem and Creating Empathy with the Customer

Session Summary

Would you like to be more curious and ask better questions?  

Are you keen to be more human centred in your problem solving?

Would you like to a suite of creative tools to help solve wicked problems?

 If so, join us for this 90 minute, highly interactive workshop where you will dive into some fun techniques to introduce you to design thinking and explore how it can add tremendous value to the way you solve problems.

Speaker Bio

Simon Banks is an author, podcaster and international speaker on creativity, innovation and design and a happily recovering artist. He describes his geek out spot as the intersection of creativity and design, learning, people and passion which he sees as essential building blocks for future leaders and developing a culture of innovation. His Big Why? To build a more creative world to enable people and business to thrive in the Modern Age.

Day 2 Retrospective

LIVE SESSION: Tuesday, July 20th, @ 8:00 PM PST


Tim Hampton

PRE-RECORDED SESSION: Tuesday, July 20th

What is SCAMPER? How to Use Seven Distinct Approaches to Visualize Creative Solutions to Problems

Session Summary

Innovation techniques like Design Thinking and Lean Startup rely on a steady flow of ideas to try. SCAMPER is a proven idea generating technique that gets individuals and teams “unstuck” and producing unlimited ideas.

Speaker Bio

Tim is a problem solver, brainstormer, coach, catalyst and perpetual student with two decades’ experience delivering computing services and eLearning. At York University, he co-developed InYUvate, a campus-wide leadership and creativity program. Tim is the host of two podcasts. The Unusually Well Informed podcasts features leaders in business and technology. Lead Like Elon examines the secrets of SpaceX and Tesla. Tim hosts Unusually Well Informed, a podcast featuring leaders in business and technology.

Sarah Ajani

PRE-RECORDED SESSION: Tuesday, July 20th,

Design Sprints: Discovering New Products in your Innovation Sweet Spot

Session Summary

Speaker Bio

Successful products aren’t designed - they’re discovered. This interactive class covers how to use the Design Thinking framework to gather 3 key pieces of information: what your customers want, what’s technically/operationally possible, and what your business can sustainably offer. We’ll explore techniques to balance these three things (desirability, feasibility, viability) to discover what kind of product or service your organization is uniquely positioned to deliver - while keeping the customer and problem at the forefront.

Digna Peña

PRE-RECORDED SESSION: Tuesday, July 20th,

All You Need to Know About NPS for a Successful Implementation and Ongoing Positive Results.

Session Summary

NPS was developed by Satmatrix and has demonstrated to be one of the most popular method to capture the voice of the customers. Do you want to discover the best practices for a successful implementation? What readiness is required? Who should be involved?

Speaker Bio

Opex professional consultant with more than 20 years of experience, transforming for better people, processes and systems in local and multinational corporations and who really believe that delivering products and services that work require method and consistent practices.

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