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DAY 1 - Lean Visual Problem-Solving Tools

Jared Thatcher & Guests

LIVE SESSION: Monday, July 19th, @ 6:30-7:30 AM PST

The Virtual Lean Summit Kick-Off Live Session (with live audience interaction)

Session Summary

Are you curious what the Virtual Lean Summit is all about? Why is it free? How to get the most out of it? Then be sure to attend this opening session. It will be live and unfiltered. Come ask questions, share the things you want to get out of this summit. Meet some of the speakers and ask questions. Learn more about the roadmap and how each day you will learn different tools from different methodologies that can help you visually solve problems.

Speaker Bio

Jared started his career working for his father’s steel fabricating business, and spent two decades working in the construction industry as a laborer, drafter, estimator, project manager, and the owner of a construction consulting business. He graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an International MBA, and went to work for Daimler Trucks North America, where he was part of the PMO office that saved over $1 billion dollars and was part of the global effort to bring Lean to the office side of the business. Jared became expert in finding multiple million dollar improvement efforts while redesigning process flows. He was recruited by a management consulting firm where he used his Lean and Agile skills to consult with firms like Nike, Mercy Corps, Kinder Care, and multiple other organizations. Jared moved to Seattle in 2018 to work for Alaska Airlines in their Lean department before moving into government at the Port of Seattle.

Professor David A. Shore

LIVE KEYNOTE SESSION: Monday, July 19th, @ 7:30-9:00 AM PST | 10:30-12:00 PM EST

KEYNOTE: A Scalable Framework for Problem Solving, Change, and Sustainability

Session Summary

Our session introduces a framework that provides a unified management methodology for problem solving, assessing opportunities, and evaluating strategic imperatives. The seven steps are bookended by two phases: The Discovery Phase and the Fast-Forward Phase. There is also a special sauce separating the two phases.

Speaker Bio

David A. Shore is a former Associate Dean at Harvard University where he continues to teach and lead executive education programs. He is the former distinquished professor of Innovation and Change at Tianjin University (China). Professor is a founding member of the External Implementation Advisory Board, McKinsey & Company; and Senior Consultant on Innovation at the United Nations.

Bjarne Berg Wig

LIVE SESSION: Monday, July 19th, @ 9:00 AM PST 

Meet the Future with Better Organizational Learning

Session Summary

Lean and Agile are about the development of organizational learning capacity. To meet the disruptive challenges in the future, all organizations need to strengthen their ability to adapt through learning. This session will cover the key criteria for creating a stong learning culture.

Speaker Bio

Author and sensei, Bjarne Berg Wig has more than 30 years of experience in quality management and Lean. He was Quality and Innovation Manager at Hydro Agri Europe. For the last 20 years, Bjarne has helped many Norwegian and international companies and public sector organizations transform into learning organizations. He has developed academic programs with Bergen University College in Quality Management and Lean leadership. Several hundred leaders have gone through his practical training with high impact on many companies and municipalities in Norway. Bjarne is a founder of the Society for Learning Organizations in Norway, and has written 7 professional books which are used both in industry and in academic programs.

Kiran Kachela


Communicating with Impact: Powerful Lean Tools for Visual Communication

Session Summary

Sharpen the way you communicate business problems and solutions with leaders to gain buy-in, sponsorship and make a real impact. From prehistoric cave paintings to today’s digital platforms, visuals have always been a powerful communication tool. Whether you’re embarking on a new direction, solving a problem, undergoing a big transformation or driving cultural change, Kiran will share the a suite of lean tools and demonstrate how they can be used to communicate with impact!

Speaker Bio

Kiran Kachela is the Founder of Continuous Improvement Projects Ltd based in the UK, a Business Solutions Enterprise specializing in enhancing customer experiences, driving organizational change and achieving sustainable efficiencies and profitability. She is an experienced and qualified Black Belt Lean Six Sigma Practitioner, Change Management Practitioner and Project Manager. With experience of working with large corporations, leading academic institutions, Central Government and Healthcare, Kiran brings with her a wealth of experience across a variety of sectors and is able to truly comprehend and execute sustainable organizational change.

Jorge Luis Fonseca

LIVE SESSION: Monday, July 19th, @ 11:00 AM PST

Lean - Visual Management

Session Summary

See how your organization can be user centricity, aligning the whole Value Stream through Balanced Score Card from the Top Management to the shop floor, helping to your teams to identify problems and opportunities in a collaborative way.

Speaker Bio

Jorge is a Systems Engineer and an MBA. He specialized in Strategic Management, Six Sigma and Business Engineering. He is strongly experienced in Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement and Digital Transformation, working with World-Class frameworks and international methodologies in Operational Excellence (Lean, Six Sigma, BPM and Design Thinking), Project Management (PMI, SCRUM – Agile), Strategic Management and Planning (BSC, ABC) in overseas corporations. Jorge is highly experienced in leading people, helping to develop them into high performance teams, through using techniques like adaptative leadership, coaching, communication, motivational strategies, and building up a competence model oriented to maximizing collaborative results.

Samuel Crescêncio

LIVE SESSION: Monday, July 19th, @ 12:00 PM PST

Facing change! How to Align Strategy, Management and Engineering to Maximize Value Delivery

Session Summary

Organizations that try to adopt lean and agile often fail because they struggle to align the organization on the new way of work. That requires not only a mindset change, but change in behaviors, processes, tools, and not rarely in business models too. The whole organization has to be aligned for the new culture, including from the strategic market positioning and business goals, to all the way down to the factory floor where engineering and operations happen. In this session you’ll be introduced to the Lean Pyramid Transformation Framework, a framework that I created as a software engineering model in 2006 and soon evolved to a transformation framework that encompasses a deep set of principles, values, techniques and methods to foster change in a safe and sustainable way. If you’re promoting change and want to learn how to align the whole to accelerate value delivery in your organization, this session is for you.

Speaker Bio

Everything I do is intended to help people to live a better life, professionally and personally speaking. I’m a software engineer, author, trainer, and a change agent with over 25 years of hands-on experience. In 2006 I created the Lean Pyramid, a transformation framework that encompasses a deep set of lean and agile principles and tools, to help organizations with transformation efforts. I’m a frequent speaker, and co-founder in national and international conferences such as Ágiles 2009, Agile Brazil, and and Lean IT Summit Brazil. I have the distinct pleasure to be a former member of the board of directors of the Agile Alliance, where I served between 2010 and 2015. I’ve also co-founded and served as Executive Director for the Agile Alliance Brazil. I’m father of 4, married to a lovely wife and definitely a lover of action sports, such as capoeira, longboarding and mountain-biking downhill, as well as adventure motorcycle riding.

Tracy O'Rourke

LIVE SESSION: Monday, July 19th, @ 1:00 PM PST

Using Task Boards to Build Better Leader Behaviors

Session Summary

Changing culture is hard and building new leader behaviors is even harder. Using Task Boards or “Kamishibai” Boards can be one way to help get started on new behaviors like initiating Huddles, Leader Process Walks, and A3 coaching sessions. Join Tracy O’Rourke in this one hour webinar, titled, “How To Build Better Leader Behaviors with Task Boards”.

Speaker Bio

Tracy O’Rourke is the Co-author of “The Problem-Solver’s Toolkit”; Co-Founder of the Just-in-Time Cafe, The SoCalLeanNetwork Chair, A member of the AME Western Region Board, an instructor at UC San Diego for the Green Belt and the Lean Six Sigma Leadership Course, and lastly, Tracy is a self-proclaimed process improvement ZEALOT!

Tracy Defoe

LIVE SESSION: Monday, July 19th, @ 2:00 PM PST

Patterns for Daily Improvement - Beyond What We Can See

Session Summary

Lean is a way to create value for customers by increasing flow by reducing waste in a value stream. The Improvement Kata is a means for developing scientific thinking skills, behavior, and mindset by reflective learning and is best learned with a coach who is practicing the Coaching Kata. Check out this session to tell the diffrence between lean deployment vs Kata methodology.

Speaker Bio

Tracy is a specialist in learning at work, adult educator, Kata Geek, Kata School Cascadia!

Michelle Hlywa

LIVE SESSION: Monday, July 19th, @ 4:00 PM PST

The Cardinal Rule: My Lean Journey to Redemption

Session Summary

When my world came crashing down in 2015, I was able to tread water for a few years. Post divorce, two small children, empty bank account, and a shattered ego in a new town with not a single healthy relationship remaining in my life. My physical health was quickly deteriorating, and my gut insisted medication was not the cure. By 2018 I was desperate for a way out of the swamp of grief, it was time to design a life on higher ground. But how? I started with an inventory of my skills: lean, quality management, and problem solving topped my list. I began by creating a KPI dashboard on my physical and mental health and watched my numbers improve and my body healed. I integrated RASCI into my vocabulary to gradually cultivate healthy relationships. Within a year, I had worked through dozens of problems plaguing my life using 8D methodology. With lean tools in my quiver, I curated my path to redemption! Join me as I share the guiding role of lean tools & lean thinking to blaze a way out of silent misery to a full and balanced life for me & my family.

Speaker Bio

Michelle Hlywa leverages the lessons learnt through over 20 years in Leadership Development, Quality, and Operations in the glass manufacturing industry. She is the founder of The Cardinal Rule Self Mastery Transformation program, and owner of Slingshot Designs whose mission is to empower a great many people. Michelle is also a contributing collaborator for three crucial professional development programs: Business Intelligence Leadership Training through Endurium LLC; Networking & Communications Landscapes through Cardinal Farming; and is a professional coach and advocate for the Auxin Group’s patented WELLNESS model. Michelle is passionate about leveraging the power of a continuous improvement mindset to amend our narrative and live a purpose driven life.


LIVE SESSION: Monday, July 19th, @ 5:00 PM PST


Horia Slușanschi

LIVE SESSION: Monday, July 19th, @ 6:00 PM PST

The Magic of the A3's

Session Summary

The A3 process is an outstandingly effective practice of identifying, framing, diagnosing and addressing complex issues effectively. It builds shared awareness and enables creativity. When used well and consistently over time, it builds momentum for steady organizational improvement. In this session we’ll explore the intention behind A3’s, the general mindset to cultivate when exploring issues and devising countermeasures, and some observations about ways to enjoy perfecting the use of A3’s.

Speaker Bio

Horia lives his ikigai as a Kaizen Artist inspiring people to delight customers while claiming joy in work. Kaizen roughly translates as continuous improvement. Kaizen is an art rather than a science, as all humans are wonderfully different. Horia is trained as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, holds a PhD in Computer Science, and has coached and mentored numerous organizations across the globe to transform their thinking, organizational and action habits to achieve better outcomes. Horia has also served as a long-term volunteer in the Project Management Institute’s agile community of practice, co-authored the PMI Agile Practice Guide, and helps in the improvement of the PMI Disciplined Agile FLEX approach to value-stream-driven enterprise transformation.

Ritsuo Shingo

LIVE SESSION: Monday, July 19th, @ 7:00 PM PST

A Conversation About Lean Leadership: Shingo's 5 Step Problem Solving

Session Summary

Years of practicing Kaizen has led Shingo-sensei to develop a simple yet powerful system for being a Lean Leader, Go to Gemba (the place where the work happens) and show your back. Would you like to learn what that means and how it is a powerful technique for leadership, then join us. Come learn from someone who knew all of the players involved in the creation of the TPS (Toyota Production System).

Speaker Bio

Ritsuo Shingo graduated from Waseda University, considered one of Japan’s “Ivy League” schools, with a degree in law in 1970, and joined Toyota Motors right after graduation. After more than ten years working in various positions at Toyota in Japan, Mr. Shingo was transferred to Detroit, Michigan, USA, where he worked as a purchasing manager for a few years. Mr. Shingo was then asked to help with the startup of the Toyota plant in Georgetown, Kentucky, USA. After a few years in Kentucky, Mr. Shingo helped with the startup of the Toyota plant in the United Kingdom. Mr. Shingo joined the China office in Japan where he worked on setting up potential ventures in China. Mr. Shingo’s experience in China started when he was appointed president of Toyota’s joint venture operation in Chengdu, Sichuan Province in early 1990. Mr. Shingo ran the joint venture company for three years before moving to Beijing to join Toyota’s China office. After a little over two years working in that office, Mr. Shingo was appointed president of Hino Motors in China, including the joint venture production facility in Guangzhou, China. Mr. Shingo’s final assignment in China was president of the Toyota Research and Service Center, also located in Guangzhou. He is currently leading the Institute of Management Improvement founded by his father TPS pioneer Dr Shigeo Shingo.


Day 1 Retrospective

LIVE SESSION: Monday, July 19th, @ 5:00 PM PST

Mike Denison


Turning to Science in Problem Solving

Session Summary

The Fishbone Process as a Science and much more powerful than a typical brainstorming session. Over the last 30 years the well known Fishbone Diagram, Cause and effect Diagram or Ishikawa Diagram has been well used to show the potential causes of a specific event or problem. However, in many cases the approach has been diluted from its original intention which was a framework for proving cause and effect of mainly abstract factors around a problem. In this talk we will explore the science behind the fishbone diagram and how to develop a more experimental approach to understanding cause and effect, leading to more effective countermeasures. If you think you know about and understand the Fishbone Diagram, or that you just want to know more, come along, because I guarantee you will learn something new to easily apply when leading problem solving teams.

Speaker Bio

Mike is a leadership performance coach, and executive coach, he was one of the first managers in the UK Toyota Operations in the early 90’s. He now works with leaders and organisations who want to take their lean operations to another level. Mike has developed a comprehensive framework for mentoring and coaching leaders in driving and enabling a sustainable CI culture. In the last 25 years Mike has supported many blue chip companies such as Rolls Royce, Daimler Trucks, Westinghouse, Ford & Jaguar Landrover through his “Value Added Leadership Approach”

Rick Bohan


Encourage Employee Engagement with 5S Self-Audits

Session Summary

Too often, practitioners rely on external 5S audits. A better approach is to teach supervisors and operators to conduct their own 5S audits. It goes a long way toward increasing improvement conversations and engagement in making things better.

Speaker Bio

Rick Bohan has his own consulting firm, Chagrin River Consulting. He has spent the past four decades helping manufacturers improve their operations and their culture.

Muhammad Khurram


TPM a Way Forward Towards Zero Accidents, Zero Waste, Zero Breakdowns, and Zero Defects

Session Summary

What is Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)? Muhammad will explain in depth about the TPM Foundation, the Eight Pillars of TPM, about the OEE Goal, and how to develop your own TPM Roadmap.

Speaker Bio

Muhammad Khurram is a highly resourceful and strategically agile Industrial Engineer with over 15 years’ experience in diverse range of industries like FMCG, Automotive & Textile. In-depth knowledge and working in Production Planning & Control, Cost reduction, effective resource utilization, Toyota Production System and Capacity enhancement. As a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, have strong expertise on Lean Manufacturing and process accuracy. Proven ability to establish engineering systems to achieve efficient operations with an emphasis on manufacturing processes. Capable to define strategies that impact planning processes, organization, integration of resource management, control, industrial and safety. Utilize skill to apply within an organization for the implementation of results that contribute to high performance and growth of the business.

Manoel de Queiroz Cordon Santos


Seeing the Invisible

Session Summary

Product Development processes, as many other knowledge intensive work, have “invisible” workflows. How might we see what lies beyond our eyesight? And how a product developer or product development leader could use this skill to improve: decision making, lessons learned, product convergence and increase throughout?

Speaker Bio

A Senior Lean Consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the Aerospace Industry (EMBRAER S.A). With experience in promoting kaizen and excellence activities in areas such as Integrated Lean Product & Process Development, Operations, Quality, Sales, Service & Support, HR, Finance and Accounting. An enthusiast to enable humans to achieve their maximum professional potential through a lean practice.

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